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In this laboratory, the nursing practitioners explore nursing procedures, techniques, tools, and skills to offer quality healthcare support to the patients. Demonstration on different nursing procedures is given by professors to instruct the scholars in different healthcare fields. The lab here at MTIN is well furnished with commodities such as 2 dummy dolls, 7 beds, trays & trolleys with all the essential instruments needed in nursing practice and procedures.


This lab gives an in-depth understanding of the human body and its complete functioning. we have kept various human organs and skeleton preserved for research, analysis, and to allow the students to practically understand the positioning and functioning of human organs. Apart from this torso, articulated disarticulated vessels and models representing various organ arrangements are represented on boards and 3-D charts. Professors utilize these assets for educating and students to promote their practical learning.


Here the students are instructed to be familiar with the food types and how these intakes can help in body growth. They deeply learn about the various diet models to be adopted that may vary from body to body and the type of changes needed in the body. The students learn about the different diet plans to be suggested to patients with different diseases such as hypertension, renal, burn, diabetes, malnutrition, etc. The nutrition lab here at MRIN is fully furnished with cooking utensils items, refrigerators, gas stoves, and cooking shelves, etc. to empower good practice.


In this laboratory, scholars are practically instructed to provide healthcare guidance and spread awareness about how people can stay healthy and keep their families and society functioning well. Community backpacks are provided with some essential medications and articles to the trainees while addressing the public.


Here the trainees are taught to conduct delivery of pregnant women and to look for complete care and management of other obstetrical practices. Quick care of mother and newborn is specifically practiced to ensure a healthy environment and perfect medical care. The lab is well fitted with necessary models, articles, and three-dimensional charts that elaborate the things well to students.


Our institution has a well-furnished laboratory with a variety of pipettes, test tubes, photometers, Incubators, Microscopes, water bathtubs, hot air ovens, Centrifuge, and various other apparatuses. It aids the students to learn how chemical reactions work, nutritive value analysis of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and other nutritious items. Here they also demonstrate the micro-organisms functioning, their growth, and the complete sterilization process.


We have a highly functional computer lab expertly fitted with the latest Pentium processors with a 100 Mbps internet speed-driven within the full Wi-Fi campus. It has been installed to keep a complete record of students, professors, and other nursing staff. Here the students learn about operating the digital databases of hospitals, healthcare units, and clinics with good command on every single aspect.

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Mother Teresa Institute Of Nursing
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